Hands-on Experience

"The good habits you teach your children now can last a lifetime."-Michelle Obama


The Village Experience includes:

  •   Dual Language Instruction (English-Spanish)
  •  Creative Curriculum®
  •  Intimate Learning Environment
  •  Care from Highly Qualified Professionals
  •  2 Well-Balanced Meals 
  •  2 Nutritious Snacks

Enrichment Programs, including STEAM, Christian Faith Formation, Gardening, and Yoga!

Our curriculum


As Charlotte’s premier bilingual family childcare provider, The Village is nestled in a West Mecklenburg County, NC neighborhood. The boutique family setting offers an intimate learning environment tailored to children between the ages of birth and school age. The home is arranged to make your child feel comfortable and safe. Our students enjoy the latest in age appropriate technology, modern outdoor play equipment and open-ended materials. The Village students are introduced to the culture of school by planning activities in a classroom-style setting equipped with learning centers conducted in English and Spanish. All learners are exposed to predictability, well-defined boundaries, variety and the advantages of an age-integrated learning environment. 

The Village unequivocally sets its own bar of excellence in family childcare. The Village maintains an identity of unrivaled distinction in family childcare. Our professional platform and student-centered focus places The Village family second to none. We consistently leverage intentional partnerships with our parents and the community and associate ourselves with the latest classroom quality techniques.

Our bilingual academic culture speaks to the emerging needs, altering interests and cumulative abilities of young learners. We believe in investing in resources, because resources produce results. We have carefully selected an approach to bilingual learning that is rich with educational resources; that is guided by module frameworks with the Village Head serving as the facilitator in the learning process. 


Family Child care

Why Family Child Care Works

When parents consider the many hours a child spends in child care during their most formative years, it is critical to understand why choosing the BEST program for child and family is important.

Family Child Care is a unique and special alternative to child care centers. Significant research has provided evidence that warm, loving and home-like settings are natural environments for children during their most formative years.  Children engage and learn in a familiar, comfortable, non-institutional atmosphere that has a makeup of multi-age grouping. Therefore, children have an opportunity to play with and learn from children of all ages.  

The foundation of family childcare is relationships.  Relationships between parents and providers; providers and the children; and the children with each other.  A family child care culture emotionally secures interpersonal relationships with all families involved in care.

High quality family child care programs are instrumental in the stages of development for wholesome children. Programs of quality often resemble a learning environment that is led by student autonomy and facilitated by the childcare provider.