A Full Day Bilingual Program

A Full Day Bilingual Program

A Full Day Bilingual ProgramA Full Day Bilingual ProgramA Full Day Bilingual Program

Need fun, safe, and amazing learning for your family? 

General Information

Serving Our Village from 6 weeks-12 years

The Village



Monday-Friday 7:00 am-6:00 pm


Contributing to The Village

 We love quality resources at The Village! Click the link below to purchase items for our learning environment.  

About Us

Meet the village head


 I am delighted that you are taking the time to learn about The Village Child Development Center. I conceived the idea of The Village from a place that runs deeper than just having a love for children. After working as a Spanish teacher with students from underprivileged and affluent backgrounds, I quickly learned that the educational gap between the two groups begins at birth. My goal is to offer meaningful educational experiences that expose students to various sectors of life during their most impressionable years, in an effort to bridge that gap. The stakes are high for today’s children, and a solid foundation must begin with high quality child care providers. My experience as a second language speaker makes me confident that instruction in two languages will increase the chances of success for students and make them greater assets to our community. Developmentally appropriate practices, high-quality play experiences, and measurable resources are my promise to you and your child. I look forward to offering a first-class educational experience as your family joins The Village family!

Yours in Education, 

Lori Wilson

B.A., M.A.T.